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I own one for one of my cameras. It is the camera manufacturers model and cost a fortune! About what you said you didn't want to know, but others might. My Pentax Battery Grip for my K-20D only uses the same Lithium Ion Battery as the Camera, so no AA advantage there. And I am sure that would be the same for my K-5 if I had a grip for it. Only my old K-100D that was purchased after the K-20D for conversion to IR use does in theory use AA Batteries among others but in practice the camera only functions properly with non-rechargeable Li Ion batteries.

Adapter battery for nikon has 3 contacts with different spacing and it was necessary to revise the distance as a Pentax Battery Grip and body and the external power adapter

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Pentax K20D like new. Used for a year, very well look after. Also original Pentax battery grip and 3 batteries (2 original Pentax and one different made)

In the age of ever-advancing digital technology, there’s something appealing about the retro feel of a reliable film camera. Whether you’re using it for an artistic photoshoot, honing your photography skills, or just prefer film to digital, Batteries Plus Bulbs has the battery you need to get the most out of your Pentax LX Battery Grip M film camera.