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Panasonic Cordless Telephone Battery (HHR-P104A)


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True, the Panasonic HHRP104 battery is rechargeable. But science has not invented a perfect battery yet and since there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, the Panasonic HHR-P104 will eventually need to be replaced. Each time you charge and discharge your Nickle Metal Hydride Panasonic HHR-P104 battery, a chemical reaction occurs to store or release the electricity to power your cordless telephone. Part of that chemical reaction uses a tiny portion of the NiMh chemistry in your Panasonic HHR-P104 battery pack. Eventually those chemicals are depleted and your battery needs to be replaced.

Here is the GE Quality Upgrade for your Panasonic HHR-P104 Battery. We sell thousands of these batteries each year to thousands of satisfied customers. Upgrade your Panasonic HHRP104 Battery for longer talk time and longer stand by time.

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