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Panasonic NiMH AAA 700mah Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Phones, Pack of 4

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"We feel the extended range capability from the combination of Panasonic batteries and an on-board generator, will deliver the performance that fleet managers expect from a work truck," said Steve Burns, Workhorse CEO.

Workhorse recently announced the EV pickup truck concept called Workhorse W-15, which uses a combination of Panasonic batteries and a range extender generator.

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This Li-Ion high capacity provides more capacity than the standard system battery. Lower price, Up to 30% off! Longer battery life, no memory effect. Panasonic Camcorder Batteries can supply lasting energy for your digital Camcorder Models. Replacement Panasonic Digital Camcorder Batteries have passed stringent quality assurance procedures and achieve international standards CE, UL Listed, and/or ISO9001/9002 certification.100% compatible with original Machine.

Q: Where is the best place to store Panasonic cordless phone batteries during the off season?
A: Before storing a Panasonic cordless phone battery, make sure it is fully charged. Test your Panasonic phone battery and charge the Panasonic phone battery if necessary. It also might be wise to purchase a Panasonic cordless phone battery maintainer. After a full charge and test, now you are ready to store your Panasonic cordless phone battery. Secure your Panasonic cordless phone battery in a cool, dry and well ventilated area out of the reach of children or pets. Check the charge level of the Panasonic cordless phone battery every 30-45 days. A trickle charge using a Panasonic cordless phone battery maintainer or low amperage charge overnight might be necessary for some Panasonic phone batteries depending on their age and composition.