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Kodak Mini Charger for "AA" or "AAA", includes 2 Kodak "AA" Rechargeable Batteries (Bulk)


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Camera Gift Set Kodak C142 Digital Camera Easy Share (Blue), Kodak Soft Sided Camera Case, Kodak Mini Battery Charger With 2 "AA" Rechargeable Batteries by Kodak. $74.95. Looking for an easy-to-use camera that's easy on your budget? You'll love the KODAK EASYSHARE C142 Digital Camera. With Kodak's Smart Capture feature, brilliant pictures happen automatically. No worries. No hassles. Just beautiful pictures. And because it's from Kodak, your memories will be as vivid as the momen...

Includes:2 kodak nimh rechargeable aa batterieskodak mini charger k630zippered neoprene camera casebatteries can be used for cameras, camcorders, etc....


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  • Kodak Mini Charger :: Yard Sale : Special Pricing

    This Kodak mini battery charger charges 2 rechargeable AA batteries at once and comes with 2 rechargeable AA batteries. All this in a compact Neoprene case with a lens cloth for your camera. Regularly priced at $26.99 you can pick up this kit for $8.99 at Dell Canada.

    Get the extras you need with the Kodak Charger Kit with Camera Case. This compact kit features all the basic digital camera accessories you need to protect your Kodak digital camera. Keep your camera safe and charged with the Kodak Mini Charger Kit...