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Antoble® Replacement Kodak Easyshare U-8 U8 USB PC Data Transfer Cable Cord Lead For Most Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera + USB AC Power Adapter Plug


Kodak EasyShare M763/M863/MD863 digital camera:

This Kodak EasyShare M863 battery charger features both a UK moulded plug cable and a 12V charger cable that plugs into a car cigarette lighter - allowing you to charge your battery on the move. It will charge a small capacity battery in around 2 hours but will take longer to charge a higher capacity battery. This compact and light charger has a LED to indicate charging in process and changes colour to show a fully charged battery. It includes short circuit protection and will automatically detect different voltage inputs - allowing you to safely charge your battery worldwide with a suitable plug convertor (not included). It will charge Kodak branded batteries, as well as equivalent, non-branded, replacement batteries. This charger will charge the following battery models: Kodak Klic-7001Kodak EasyShare M1073 IS

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Kodak EasyShare M763/M863/MD863 digital camera — Extended User Guide

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